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Do you oversee Amazon Advertising? Have a busy schedule? The Intentwise mobile app is a simple way to keep tabs on your Amazon Advertising performance, especially if you have multiple accounts.

Download the mobile app for FREE from Apple and Google stores.

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Metrics on the go.

Access critical metrics across multiple accounts, view trends over various timeranges, track the biggest movers at campaign, keyword, or product level, and scan budget pacing charts.

save time managing amazon advertising campaigns

Actionable tips from Intentwise academy for optimizing ads.

The app's Academy section, which has simple, actionable tips for optimizing ads, is continuously refreshed and updated as Amazon makes changes to its platform.

save time managing amazon advertising campaigns

Account audits.

Advertisers can initiate account audits directly from the app, activating our customer success team to produce a report of missed opportunities and best practices that can improve the account's performance .

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Intentwise mobile app is a fantastic tool to get the ad performance snapshot that I wish Amazon would provide. It’s intuitive and presents the most important information in an easy to consume way. I use it to monitor performance and to get a quick sense of what is changing in our account. The advertising ecosystem on Amazon seems to shift every day and the Intentwise app is a great way to stay on top of it.

Keah Kalantari, Founder

Really appreciate that Intentwise created a mobile app so that I can keep up with my Amazon campaigns even when I’m on the go. Gives pretty in-depth views and even allows budget changes.

Shannon Zaucha, E-Commerce manager

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iOS Intentwise appAndroid Intentwise app