AMS Reporting PLatform

AMS Optimization Platform

The Intentwise AMS platform provides optimization recommendations, automates reporting and expedites routine campaign management tasks.

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At Intentwise we bring cutting edge data science and text processing capabilities to high-scale search marketers on Amazon, Google and Bing platforms.

Amazon AMS Managed Services

Intentwise delivers end-to-end AMS managed services, via a team of experts and its state-of-the-art AMS optimization platform

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Adwords/Bing Ads Managed Services

Intentwise provides deep analytical capabilities in the areas of keyword expansion, ad testing, bid optimization and performance diagnostics for Google Adwords and Bing Ads channels.

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Our Clients

Intentwise AMS software client Intentwise AMS software client Intentwise AMS software client Intentwise AMS software client Intentwise Adwords client Intentwise Adwords client Intentwise Adwords client Intentwise Adwords client

Intentwise brings a very unique approach, fresh insights. We started seeing results right away. They are transparent with what they do and are focused on getting things done fast. We love what Intentwise has done for us.

CEO, Perfect Africa

Working with Intentwise has been a pleasure. The team is knowledgeable, insightful, and self-directed - they are a true partner in our growth. Their methodical approach and process to building out our program has paid back dividends, and it's something we try to emulate everyday with the rest of our marketing program.

Mike Beck
Head Of Growth, Earth Class Mail

What I like about working with Intentwise is that they care deeply about understanding our customers, their motivations and their friction points. They use real data and experimentation to discover these insights and share openly with our marketing teams so that we can jointly learn/build intent models to grow the business. As a strategic partner, Intentwise has earned trust by working on our behalf and has at times provided recommendations that go against their commercial interests if best for our business. I would recommend them to any business serious about understanding their SEM channel better and optimizing their online acquisition strategy for improved performance.

Chris Brown
CEO, Kapow

Intentwise has been instrumental in our understanding of AMS campaigns. It has saved us time and money by providing visibility to reporting so we can make educated decisions on keyword and campaign profitability.

Randy Wire
Digital Business Manager for Amazon, DK Brands

Since we started working with Intentwise everything around AMS has become so much more handy, faster, easier and effective. The team is super helpful. Integration of our multiple locale AMS accounts has been really simple. With the click of a button we can optimize all the campaigns easily and report at the keywords and search term level. No more reporting nightmare, just a great tool for optimizing your spend and moving towards a higher ROAS

Jennifer Greune
Amazon Marketing, Earthlite

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