April 27th, 2020


Data integration with Amazon MWS API enables third-party tools to help sellers scale their presence on Amazon and improve customer response time. This integration enables them to programmatically retrieve business reports, make changes to product listings, and more. All sellers need to do to facilitate this is provide access to the third-party tool.

This is easily done for fully integrated third-party tools such as Intentwise. Sellers simply need to enter their login credentials to allow the tool to obtain API authentication.

Where there is only partial integration between the platform and the Seller Central for Amazon MWS API access, you will need to do the following.

Steps to Provide Amazon MWS Access to Partially Integrated Third-Party Tools

Login to Seller Central with Amazon credentials  and navigate to “User Permissions” under “Settings”

MWS login










In the “Third-party developer and apps” section click on “Visit Manage Your Apps”

MWS developers and apps

Now click on “Authorize new developer”

MWS API authorization







When you reach the screen below,  Put the Developer’s Name as “Intentwise” and Developer ID as 952779673474

Once you have entered the details click on the “Next” button.

Intentwise MWS developer access








mws to share access







Capture the screenshot and share it with your agency/developer or third-party tool provider.

These simple few steps can go a long way in helping Amazon sellers to sell more efficiently and responsively.


Read our post “How to Revoke Amazon Advertising API Access for 3rd Party Tools” to understand how and why you should remove API access to vendors when you switch tools. 

About Intentwise:

Intentwise is a Chicago-based technology company that helps brands, sellers, and agencies maximize returns from Amazon advertising spend. Intentwise’s industry-leading SaaS platform provides impactful recommendations and automation to accelerate advertising optimization while saving valuable time for advertisers.

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