SSL SEO and trust

Why should anyone consider implementing SSL encryption for their website?


We feel that there are at least 3 reasons for this:

  1. Security and customer trust as SSL(https) is encrypted and safe
  2. SEO benefits as in the long term https sites have an upper hand in the ranking algorithm
  3. API integration as most of them require a https page as a redirect URI

There are two ways to handle SSL implementation on your site. Manually but buying the certificate from a trusted CA. Or through a hosted service provider who can also help you through the process as well as providing additional support such as reminders to renew the certificate and installation help.

If you end up deciding to get support to do this, I recommend looking at the below providers. The advantage of working with these providers is that they also support heroku hosting or AWS hosting.

  1. DNSimple
  2. Expedited SSL

However, if you decide to buy the certificate on your own and then install it manually you should review a bunch of places where you can actually buy this. I recommend starting with the company where your domain is parked. GoDaddy, at the time of this writing, was providing a wild card certificate to be purchased at US$ 275. You can also buy the certificate through DNSimple or Expedited SSL but you will need to purchase a monthly subscription too. Of course, you can cancel the subscription within 30 days (as recommended on their website).

We highly recommend folks buy a certificate for wildcards which can support multiple subdomains within your domain. Which leads to the next step — choosing a Certificate Authority. A certificate authority (CA) is a trusted entity that issues SSL certificates that verify a digital entity’s identity on the Internet. Here are some more popular CAs:

  1. ComodoSymantec
  2. GoDaddy
  3. GlobalSign
  4. DigiCert

Both Heroku and AWS provide useful information on how to install the certificates on their platform.

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