Front-end Browser Debugging

There are numerous tools out there in the market and picking the right tool to help you troubleshoot an issue or understand the underlying workings is very important. We would like to share few tools which benefited us while we were troubleshootin...


Database migration

Its a great place to be when you initial platform is ready to scale and having performance issues. This clear shows that we are growing and in the process making right decisions in chosing and building our platform. One of our data sore is Postgre...

AmazonAmazon AMS

Your guide to Amazon AMS Account Management

Before anyone can get started working on Amazon AMS Ads the first step involved is to either create your own Vendor account or else you can request someone to give you the access to their Vendor account. There are a bunch of things that AMS Vendor...

Google PPCPaid Search

Google Ads 101. A Simple guide to learn about Adwords

When one advertises on Google Search Network, ads appear next to the search results by matching keywords in the Adwords account. How to create text Ads? Login to Adwords account. Choose an account-from the dropdown menu. Click on Campaigns next to...


Database Connection Tools

There are many tools that are used to connect to the Database. In this blog we would like to call out the ideal ones based on certain criteria for the client tools . We were mainly focusing on: Clients that support the OS (Mostly Mac and Windows) ...

Google PPCPaid Search

Google Adwords certification

Certification is a very debatable concept among Analysts, Developers and Practitioners. We will try to keep that debate for another day and in this current blog focus on how you can prepare, signup and get Adwords certification. Certification of a...


Rails Authentication frameworks

Authentication within any web application is an important aspect and cannot be taken lightly. There are many aspects that needs to be considered such as security, maintainability, usability. Ruby on Rails provides various authentication frameworks...


Cloudflare security bug

By now you would have read or heard about the security bug that impacted Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a CDN that is used by lot of companies to better serve static content and also to handle DDOS and other features to better protect their website. We...


Getting Things Done (GTD)

Getting Things done @Intentwise One of the motivational factors here at Intentwise is the boundary that we work within by dividing tasks daily, or on a weekly and monthly basis. We follow the 3 task rule: 3 tasks on a daily basis 3 tasks on a week...


Time management tips

Managing time is a tough nut to crack. However, every successful leader has mastered this art and constantly improvises. Here are few things that I personally follow and have proved to be very effective. The same principles could be applied for yo...

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