Getting Things Done (GTD)

GTD Overview
Getting Things done @Intentwise

One of the motivational factors here at Intentwise is the boundary that we work within by dividing tasks daily, or on a weekly and monthly basis.

We follow the 3 task rule:

  • 3 tasks on a daily basis
  • 3 tasks on a weekly basis
  • 3 long term tasks on a monthly basis

This forces prioritization and re-prioritization on a regular basis so that at any given point, the task at hand is always important.

Following GTD in our work flow has helped us to be more focused , relaxed and less stressed as we work on an incremental process. We strongly believe that “Creativity Needs a Clear Mind”.

GTD Philosophy

Here are three simple steps in getting things done on a regular basis

  • Capture : collect things that catch your attention — small or big, personal or professional
  • Organize : things that are actually needed and put it into action where they really belong
  • Review : everything thoroughly and frequently to catch missteps and misses

Repeat these to achieve the goal on a long-term. Setting everything up may take time but its worth investing it!


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