Agile or NOT?


We at intentwise follow agile methodology because it helps teams to work in an incremental manner, iteratively and respond quickly in unpredicted situations.

A project can be assessed in the direction of development lifecycle thorough agile. In agile each of the development lifecycle such as requirement, design, development is repeatedly revisited, this can be done through regular intervals of time. Currently we use 1 week iterations.

With constant feedback cycle between developers, business and product folks, development costs and time to market reduce drastically.

Agile helps the companies to replan and release the product, which helps them to stay competitive in the market which inturn helps companies in building the right product.

Being a developer at intentwise, we try to concentrate on sustainability; such as, effective strategies to manage the code, various testing strategies etc.

Agile Dilbert

As agile developers we focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to get quick feedback and to keep automation at the forefront of our efforts. The sustainable agile approach is a culture, a discipline which has to be accepted and practiced across the organization.

We at Intentwise follow Kanban as that is most ideal for an early stage startup. This really brings transparency and visibility and has allowed us to easily accommodate changes.

Agile is a mindset which has to be accepted and adopted across the organization to really benefit faster delivery and better handling of change request.

Agile Kanban

With Kanban we always focus on Work in Progress and also the management and prioritisation of the incoming pipeline of requests.


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