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Our commitment to GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Managing personal data for your customers and users of your product is a big responsibility. At Intentwise we have always put security at the forefront of all that we do. We DO NOT sell any customer data that we collect as part of our website or a...

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Why Amazon Vendors Should Be Using Amazon Marketing Services

Andy is the proprietor of a mid-sized furniture company. Back in 2010, he wasn’t a listed vendor/seller on any online marketplace. His efforts to drive traffic to his website were restricted to paid keyword marketing on Google and Yahoo. Today, he...

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The Rise Of Amazon Paid Search

 Within the past two decades, consumer behaviors and trends have revolutionized the ways in which brands advertise their products and drive sales. Thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, the majority of consumers have the internet at their...

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New Sleeker Look: Amazon Retail Analytics!

Amazon today released a newer and sleeker looking UI with some additional capabilities for Retail Analytics Basic.  According to the email information received from Amazon: On March 14th, 2018, Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) will have a single, uni...

AMS Report Download Options
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AMS Report Enhancement

Recently Amazon released a new UI enhancement where you can now download campaign level aggregate data for the past 60 days with some level of date segmentation. The field will appear at the top right of the screen and is a dropdown field called “...

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AMS Notifications

When you sign-in to AMS, you will occasionally see notification banner messages at the top of the screen. These notifications are how Amazon will notify you about key information they want you to see right away, such as running out of budgets. Vie...

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Google Academy for Ads and Adwords certification

Previously we talked about how you can earn Google Adwords certifications. Google is now moving all courses and certifications to the Academy for Ads interface. So what does this mean to you? First and foremost, all your existing and unexpired cer...

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Guide to Manage Access on Vendor Central Portal

One of the key data points that Amazon provides is in terms of sales is the reports that can be downloaded from the Amazon vendor central. If you want your technology parter or agency to help you with the sales data from within vendor central you ...

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Bulk uploads in AMS

It has been a few weeks since the bulk operations feature was introduced in AMS. This feature lets you make mass updates easily, taking away the pain of individual changes. We would like to share a few preliminary learnings about this feature. The...

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Bulk operations now available on AMS

AMS has introduced a much awaited feature of bulk operations. What are the key things that you can now do with this new feature? Add keywords to campaigns Modify bids for keywords Creating new campaigns Adding Targeted products Performance monitor...

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