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Amazon Ads new features

Amazon Advertising New Features

Amazon recently introduced some much-awaited features that will make advertisers’ jobs easier and efficient. Here’s a snapshot of some of the new features: Campaign names can now be edited. All existing campaigns in Vendors will get a default adGroup with the name adGroup1 (Name can be changed). Additional adGroups can be added to existing campaigns. […]

Amazon Advertising

How to leverage Amazon Ads Product Targeting

Amazon released a new feature a few months back which enables users to target Sponsored Ads based on Product Category A while back Sponsored Brands (formerly Headline Search Ads) were made available to sellers. With this new feature, the gap between sellers and vendors has reduced. What does this new feature mean to advertisers? With […]

Amazon Advertising

Campaign Management through Amazon Advertising Portfolios

A new feature called “Portfolios” is now available on a select few accounts within Amazon Advertising. This feature offers a smart way to group or categorize your campaigns. You can think about this as a logical grouping which provides a simple mechanism to organize your structure with respect to brands and budget. You can review […]

Amazon Advertising
AMS Report Download Options

AMS Report Enhancement

Recently Amazon released a new UI enhancement where you can now download campaign level aggregate data for the past 60 days with some level of date segmentation. The field will appear at the top right of the screen and is a dropdown field called “Date Range” The options for download that are available are listed below. […]

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