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Search terms now available for Amazon product targeting campaigns

Search terms are now available for product targeting campaigns as well. Click on the “Search terms” tab to see the targeted products. Note that this is most useful when categories are targeted. When individual products are targeted, the matched products and the product targets would be the same.

Protect your Brand through Amazon Brand Registry

It’s no news that the free availability of counterfeit products on online marketplaces is one of the top challenges that brands, consumers and ecommerce companies themselves face today. In fact, a recent investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GOA) in the US found that 43% — or nearly half – of the products bought from […]

How Brands can Maximize Customer Engagement and Sales with Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores is a free, DIY service from Amazon that allows its sellers and vendors to create attractive multi-page online stores for their brands on amazon.com. Launched in 2017, Amazon Stores makes it easy for advertisers to curate content that inspires, educates, and helps shoppers discover the brand’s product selection. WHY AMAZON STORES? Amazon Stores […]

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