A+ Content is a big part of the Amazon product page. In January of this year, Amazon announced that Basic A+ Content is now free for all vendors. This means that more brands can now deliver a complete product detail page experience. Here’s a quick look at some specifics.

What Is It

  • Enhanced content for product listings
  • Ability to add more detailed item descriptions, heightened images, comparison charts, videos
  • Aimed at driving more conversions on a detail page

Why Use It

  • Amazon data says A+ Content can increase sales on average 3 to 10%
  • Enhanced product listing for improved buyer experience
  • Helps consumers overcome barriers to purchase decisions
  • Drives brand affinity
  • Allows cross-promotion of products

Amazon Typical Listing Without A+ Content

Basic A+ Content

Free to all vendors. Vendors can choose from 12 modules, but each product page can display only up to 5 modules at one time. Includes:

  • Scannable text
  • Lifestyle images
  • Product comparison charts
  • Bulleted lists
  • Other branded elements
  • DIY self-service option or Amazon-assisted option to choose from

Premium A+ Content

Is by invitation only. Offers additional modules beyond those covered by Basic A+ content including:

  • Integrated HD video content
  • Superior images
  • Interactive elements like
  • Clickable Q&A’s
  • Several formats for comparison charts
  • Hotspots
  • Mobile friendly

A+ Content product listing


Which ASIN’s To Create A+ Content For

Amazon suggests vendors focus on products that are

  • Premium-priced
  • Have differentiated benefits and features
  • Have a strong brand story
  • Already driving traffic

Getting Started

Once the target list of ASIN’s have been shortlisted, it’s a good idea to take a look at the competition. See what their product pages look like. Since Basic A+ Content is now free to vendors, this is a good time to experiment and see how it works for your products.


Read our post “Maximize Customer Engagement and Sales with Amazon Stores” to learn how you can leverage this free feature to attract and engage customers. 

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