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Amazon Advertising
Image representing Amazon Sponsored Brands Video
Research on video marketing trends shows that 87% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Video ads constitute 42% of the total types of video content produced. It’s no surprise then that Amazon introduced a new feature called Sponsored Brands video ads (SB+V) in 2019 as part of its Sponsored Brands campaign offering to boost brand visibility and awareness.
Amazon Advertising
Image representing Amazon demand-side platform (DSP)
The past few years have seen Amazon’s rapid rise as an advertising powerhouse. Amazon Advertising is now the third-largest digital advertising platform in the US. This growth has been powered by Amazon’s relentless efforts to build or buy advanced advertising technology to leverage its unmatched trove of customer data.
Revoke Amazon Ad API access
Revoke Amazon Advertising API access from third-party tools is something that most brands/sellers or agencies forget. Many times we end up evaluating different tools and/or moving from one tool to another. One of the common things to forget in this process is NOT to remove the access you have provided to third-party tools.
Amazon Advertising
CTR Spike Amazon Ads
We have seen a dramatic increase in the click-through-rates (CTRs) for most advertisers on the Intentwise platform. In this blog post, we will discuss the reasons why CTRs increased significantly over the past 4 weeks.
Amazon Advertising
Amazon SD product targeting
Amazon Launches Sponsored Display Product Targeting. This feature helps brands reach shoppers through auto-generated ad placements that appear alongside customer reviews, shopping results pages, or on the far right side of product detail pages of similar or complementary products.
Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising during corona
We have been in conversations with many of our clients over the past few days, and we’re seeing a broad array of scenarios in which they’re finding themselves due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some have seen a massive spike in sales as if we were in a holiday season. And while that’s generally good, some are running into inventory issues, mainly because factory capacity is not back to full tilt.
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