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Amazon 2020 Q3 Earnings Highlights

Amazon 2020-Q3 Earnings Highlights

Amazon reported earnings for Q3 2020 yesterday.  Here are a few key highlights: Net sales up 37%, Advertising & 3P Services the primary growth drivers Amazon’s net sales were up 37% to $96.1B. Advertising and 3P services were the top growth drivers. Physical store sales have declined as expected. Advertising revenue grew by 49%  Advertising […]

Q2 Earning Highlights

Amazon Q2, 2020 Earnings – Highlights

Amazon reported net sales are up 40%, on the guidance of 18% to 28%. Net income is up 100% from $2.6B to $5.2B. This is despite an increase in various expenses related to COVID.  The online grocery category grew by 300%. For the first time, the international segment showed an operating profit. 

Amazon Advertising
Amazon Advertising during corona

Re-Evaluating Amazon Advertising Plans because of COVID-19?

We have been in conversations with many of our clients over the past few days, and we’re seeing a broad array of scenarios in which they’re finding themselves due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Some have seen a massive spike in sales as if we were in a holiday season. And while that’s generally good, some are running into inventory issues, mainly because factory capacity is not back to full tilt.

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