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Google Academy for Ads and Adwords certification

Previously we talked about how you can earn Google Adwords certifications. Google is now moving all courses and certifications to the Academy for Ads interface. So what does this mean to you? First and foremost, all your existing and unexpired cer...

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Learning Algorithms and Adwords Ad Rotation!

Ad rotation has always been a topic of discussion among Adwords users. Google is rolling out something exciting in this space and you can read more about it in here The right ad rotation can help you show your best ads to peo...

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Google Ads 101. A Simple guide to learn about Adwords

When one advertises on Google Search Network, ads appear next to the search results by matching keywords in the Adwords account. How to create text Ads? Login to Adwords account. Choose an account-from the dropdown menu. Click on Campaigns next to...

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Google Adwords certification

Certification is a very debatable concept among Analysts, Developers and Practitioners. We will try to keep that debate for another day and in this current blog focus on how you can prepare, signup and get Adwords certification. Certification of a...

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