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Amazon A+ Content For Vendors: 5 Minute Lowdown

A+ Content is a big part of the Amazon product page. In January of this year, Amazon announced that Basic A+ Content is now free for all vendors. This means that more brands can now deliver a complete product detail page experience. Here’s a...

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AMS Feature Update: Promo Codes On Vendor Central

Amazon Marketing Services announced a new feature update for Vendors using the Vendor Central account. This update makes the process of creating a new Promo Code much easier. To create a new promo code, go to Merchandising > Create a Promotion ...

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New Sleeker Look: Amazon Retail Analytics!

Amazon today released a newer and sleeker looking UI with some additional capabilities for Retail Analytics Basic.  According to the email information received from Amazon: On March 14th, 2018, Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) will have a single, uni...

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Feature Update — Adding Products on Vendor Central

Amazon announced a new feature update for Vendors using the Vendor Central account. The update is aimed at improving the process of viewing, managing and updating products. Users will also be able to directly search for and add existing Amazon pro...

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Guide to Manage Access on Vendor Central Portal

One of the key data points that Amazon provides is in terms of sales is the reports that can be downloaded from the Amazon vendor central. If you want your technology parter or agency to help you with the sales data from within vendor central you ...

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