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Know your Amazon ad choices and how to master them

Amazon is a primary driver of revenue for so many brands today. Accounting for almost half of all online sales in 2018 and with more than 3 billion products listed, it has become an indispensable ecommerce channel. In addition, Amazon ad revenue s...

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How Brands can Maximize Customer Engagement and Sales with Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores is a free, DIY service from Amazon that allows its sellers and vendors to create attractive multi-page online stores for their brands on Launched in 2017, Amazon Stores makes it easy for advertisers to curate content that...

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Amazon Advertising Maturity Model – The Intentwise Roadmap To Success

  Amazon advertising is a hyper-competitive space for brands and manufacturers, and it’s only intensifying. The companies that will be most successful are those that invest early on in the processes, tools, and expertise necessary to build a ...

Amazon Advertising Portfolios
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Campaign Management through Amazon Advertising Portfolios

A new feature called “Portfolios” is now available on a select few accounts within Amazon Advertising. This feature offers a smart way to group or categorize your campaigns. You can think about this as a logical grouping which provides a simple me...

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How to give your partners access to your Amazon Seller Central account

One of the first steps that you, the seller, must take after hiring an agency or a technology partner to help you with your Amazon marketing is to give them access to your Amazon Seller Central account. This access is required for the partner to p...

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Three step guide to choosing an Amazon AMS Agency

Making Amazon Advertising work requires daily discipline coupled with a sound strategic plan. Also note that you are in the data business. The essential traits to look for in an organization for your AMS Agency are illustrated below: Mastery of AM...

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Avoid these common AMS pitfalls

Here is a compilation of common mistakes or AMS pitfalls that we have observed that derails your campaign strategy and affects your sales growth. Start by fixing these basic but high impact mistakes and get the best out of your campaigns and drive...

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Amazon A+ Content For Vendors: 5 Minute Lowdown

A+ Content is a big part of the Amazon product page. In January of this year, Amazon announced that Basic A+ Content is now free for all vendors. This means that more brands can now deliver a complete product detail page experience. Here’s a...

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Why Amazon Vendors Should Be Using Amazon Marketing Services

Andy is the proprietor of a mid-sized furniture company. Back in 2010, he wasn’t a listed vendor/seller on any online marketplace. His efforts to drive traffic to his website were restricted to paid keyword marketing on Google and Yahoo. Today, he...


Amazon Could Be Rolling Out Banking

Amazon may be expanding into online banking. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the e-commerce giant is in early talks with financial institutions to build a “checking-account-like” product for its customers. The move is bein...

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