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Providing Amazon AMS access to your agency or Technology Partner

A common scenario that a vendor/Agency would come across is if they want someone to access their Vendor account(s). Most of the times vendors work with agencies or technology partners, usually this is done in order to either get help in managing c...

Google PPCPaid Search

Learning Algorithms and Adwords Ad Rotation!

Ad rotation has always been a topic of discussion among Adwords users. Google is rolling out something exciting in this space and you can read more about it in here https://goo.gl/fzdmV6 The right ad rotation can help you show your best ads to peo...


Getting Things Done (GTD)

Getting Things done @Intentwise One of the motivational factors here at Intentwise is the boundary that we work within by dividing tasks daily, or on a weekly and monthly basis. We follow the 3 task rule: 3 tasks on a daily basis 3 tasks on a week...


Password Manager

Recently there was a news article about Yahoo’s Security breach, in which billions of account details were compromised. This is NOT the first time and this will also NOT be the last time a security of a company is breached and all the details are ...


Polygot Programming

The first time we heard about this concept was in 2006 from Neal Ford. At that time the concept was new and developers were NOT comfortable with this. However, over the period what we have realized is that it is very subjective on how organization...


SSL SEO and trust

Why should anyone consider implementing SSL encryption for their website? We feel that there are at least 3 reasons for this: Security and customer trust as SSL(https) is encrypted and safe SEO benefits as in the long term https sites have an uppe...


Web framework — Part 1

Deciding on a tech stack is probably the most challenging thing to do for a startup. We, at Intentwise, had to go through the exercise of deciding our stack when we were starting. The key to deciding on a framework involves learning from your own ...


Hello World

As with any programming, the blog starts with the obligatory Hello World. Stay tuned to hear and see more about Intentwise’s innovations. At Intentwise, we provide SAAS software that helps with AMS  Reporting, AMS Analytics, and AMS recommendation...

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