Amazon announced a new feature update for Vendors using the Vendor Central account. The update is aimed at improving the process of viewing, managing and updating products. Users will also be able to directly search for and add existing Amazon products to your catalog.

Add Amazon products in vendor central
Add Amazon products in vendor central

This new experience is available for selected product categories in a staged roll out. Categories where the experience will be initially available are

  • Toys
  • Home
  • Home Improvement
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen

The Bulk Uploads feature makes managing multiple products easier. Making updates to existing products just got one step easier — the new format bulk product spreadsheets come pre-filled with data.



Items > Add Products, and then select Product category from the drop-down menu

The bulk product spreadsheets are newer versions of the existing NIS spreadsheet. Some users may not be able to download existing NIS templates, and must access using the new interface.

Are you aware of any new features that our users can benefit from?

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