Amazon Vendor Login screen

Guide to Manage Access on Vendor Central Portal

One of the key data points that Amazon provides is in terms of sales is the reports that can be downloaded from the Amazon vendor central.

If you want your technology partner or agency to help you with the sales data from within vendor central you will have to enable access to the vendor central portal. Once you are able to login to vendor central account. Under the settings menu, there is “Manage Permissions”.  When you select that option you will be taken to a screen where you have to option to add users by clicking on the “Add User” button.


Vendor manage users







Vendor Add Users


You should be able to add email for which you would like to provide the access. There 2 kinds of access that you can provide to your agency or technology partner. “Admin which has access to can send invitations, edit permissions, remove contributors, and has all permissions or “Contributor” wherein you can select what access you would like to provide.

If you are working with someone for reporting needs do make sure the below access is enabled for “Contributor”

  1. Cost and inventory
  2. EDI management
  3. Financial reports
  4. Operational reports

Vendor Access, Admin or Contributor










If you are looking for access to AMS you can check it out in here

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