Simplify Amazon Ads Reporting with the Intentwise API.

With the Intentwise API and data connectors, you can now rapidly build visualizations within your existing reporting tools like Excel, Google Data Studio,Tableau and more

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After integrating Google Data Studio with the Intentwise API for our top clients, our reporting workload has reduced by over 50%.
Antonio Exsome
CEO, Profitlogiq, A Full Service Amazon Agency

How Intentwise API works?

Step 1: Connect your account with the Intentwise platform.

Step 2: Use the API key sent by Intentwise to download reports into the tool of your choice. Refer to the API specification for more details. Leverage our pre-built connectors to expedite your efforts.

Intenwise Amazon API
Intentwise Google Data Studio

About pre-built connectors and templates

Intentwise has developed connectors and templates to help you kick-start your development.

Here is the current list:

1. Google data studio connector
2. Tableau connector
3. Excel Connector

How is the Intentwise API different from the Amazon API?

The Intentwise API is purpose built to enable reporting with minimal effort.  With its simple schemas and minimal development overhead, the Intentwise API shields you from the engineering complexity of the Amazon API. The pre-built connectors and templates further reduce the effort involved in building out dashboards and visualizations within tools of your choice.

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