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Amazon Advertising(AMS) Expert Services

  • Innovative Technology Platform
  • Strategic & Operational Management
  • Amazon Marketing(AMS) agency with 10+ years experience and proven track record working with numerous AMS accounts
  • Transparent and automated reporting & analytics
  • Maximize Your Revenue & ROAS with Powerful Forecast & Alerts.

What customers say about us

Intentwise has been instrumental in our understanding of AMS campaigns. It has saved us time and money by providing visibility to reporting so we can make educated decisions on keyword and campaign profitability.

Randy Wire
Digital Business Manager for Amazon, DK Brands

It saves time, and gives me insight on how to grow sales. The platform is very useful, but the real value is educating me about how Amazon ads work, and the levers I could pull to increase sales and ROAS.

Jonathan Domsky
President at Kidorable

Since we started working with Intentwise everything around AMS has become so much more handy, faster, easier and effective. The team is super helpful. Integration of our multiple locale AMS accounts has been really simple. With the click of a button we can optimize all the campaigns easily and report at the keywords and search term level. No more reporting nightmare, just a great tool for optimizing your spend and moving towards a higher ROAS.

Jennifer Greune
Amazon Marketing, Earthlite

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