How We Work

Intentwise Approach

Search marketing has a large set of levers to pull and signals to monitor. In addition, these levers and signals change constantly. This very complexity makes the quality of channel execution an avenue for competitive differentiation. The winners are those that embrace continuous optimization as their daily discipline. And we are here to help you do exactly that. We bring to you the following key elements.

Growth Experimentation

We view your business as a collection of small battlegrounds. We take a small subset of these battlegrounds and treat them as an experimentation lab with aggressive growth targets.This gives us an opportunity to experiment with big ideas that would otherwise never be considered. We execute aggressive end-to-end experiments within these chosen battlegrounds in order to discover growth opportunities while keeping costs and time under control.

Channel Expertise

Amazon, Google and Bing platforms for paid search advertising are constantly evolving. We help you stay informed of these changes, and more importantly, make sure your advertising efforts continually adapt to current best practices. We are certified partners of both Google and Bing ad platforms.

Analytics Driven Decision Support

We leverage all relevant information available within and outside your organization and unearth unique actionable insights on a continuous basis. We cover the gamut from basic descriptive analytics to sophisticated statistical modeling. We take care of the necessary data work as well and free our clients of data management overhead.

Iterative Execution

We have borrowed this principle from the world of software engineering (Agile Development). We execute in time bound iterations. Iterative execution enables short-cycle feedback and transparency with stakeholders.


Who We Are

We are a passionate group of digital marketers and data geeks. Between us, we have several decades of global expertise in digital marketing strategy, analytics, engineering, ad operations and consumer research. We have managed 50M+ in annual PPC budgets at large B2C and B2B companies. We take pride in combining deep industry knowledge with incisive strategic and analytical skills. Transparency and accountability are core values that drive us, besides a mindset of continual learning and challenging the status quo. Intentwise has an interesting mix of alternative in-house talents - certified scuba diver, volunteer math tutor, baker/fondant artist. This diversity contributes to our high degree of creativity and out of the box thinking, and we harness this to create the highest impact solutions for our clients.